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Poitto Hero ポイッとヒーロー iOS Game Preview.

Feb 20, 2015

Nick here, bringing you a preview of the game Poitto Hero ポイッとヒーロー ,developed by GREE studio, Pokelabo and Sega Networks. This game is said to be a very unique and charming tower defense game. If you follow the Apple Japan Store trends, tower defense games are quite popular and ever rising on the markets. Perhaps you remember the one I reviewed on にゃんこ大戦争 or "The Great War of Kitties" iOS. These games are very fun to play because you are able to plan out strategies to defeat the opposing tower, and as you build up your armies you can watch your minions charge to victory!

Developers say the most unique aspect of this tower defense game is that the stages will scroll out in all four directions. So you need to be prepared for counter attacks that come from above and below as well as left and right, despite it looking like a side scrolling game. We definitely hope to see this more of this game in the near future and will keep you updated with more posts regarding this game. Please comment if you would like us to keep you updated on the title and I'll personally get back to you when more information is brought to light. 

As expected, Poitto Hero ポイッとヒーロー will be released exclusively on the Japan iTunes Store. Because the Japanese Apple iTunes Store is regional blocked, we have a simple guide to help you unlock an Apple ID so that you can have access to the awesome games, apps and music in the Japanese store (more info here). Do make sure you pick up Japan iTunes Gift Cards in preparation for Poitto Hero ポイッとヒーロー from JapanCodeSupply, where we offer the cheapest, fastest and safest methods of digital delivery of Japan iTunes Gift Cards for all of your gaming adventures!