"ONE PIECE DANCE BATTLE" iOS Review. - Japan Code Supply


Feb 04, 2015

Nick here, bringing you the most popular and notable things in the Japan gaming industry! Today, I have a feeling many of the ONE PIECE fans will be thrilled to learn about the game that I have recently tried, myself. It's called "ONE PIECE DANCE BATTLE" and it's exclusively on the Japan iTunes Store, and developed by Bandai Namco Games.

"ONE PIECE DANCE BATTLE" Japanese Language Complexity Scale:
"1 / 10" 
"No Japanese is required to understand and fully enjoy this game."
Guys, this game has an extremely simply premise but I love it! Those who are not familiar with ONE PIECE, it's an extremely loved manga and anime series in Japan, and all over the world. This game is doesn't really delve into the one piece story line, other than highlight the main characters in which you will use as your dancing avatars. Basically through rhythmic taps and finger gestures you will battle various personas who are well known from ONE PIECE. It's really simple and fun!! I'm almost shocked that this game is not available on the American iTunes Store, but it could be a licensing reason. 
As you can see above the buttons are placed in a downward shaped arrow. You will be clicking them and basically mimicking your sparring partner. It's a bit of rhythm fun and a bit of simon-says. The entire battles are rendered fully in beautiful cel-shaded 3D! I particularly liked that this game is not heavily stressful to those who do not know Japanese. It goes right into the dance battles and there you will stay for the duration of your playtime. Below, I've posted a recorded intro of the game so you can get an idea of how the game looks in it's fully rendered gorgeousness. Enjoy!
"ONE PIECE DANCE BATTLE" is available free to download now exclusively for the Japan iTunes Store. Remember that in order to have access to the Japanese iTunes store you need to do so via Japan iTunes Gift Cards to unlock your very own Japanese Apple ID. We here at JapanCodeSupply strive to always provide you with the cheapest, safest and fastest delivered Japan iTunes Gift Cards better than anywhere around!