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Rumble City ランブル・シティ First Look.

time Jan 26 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hello all! Today we are previewing a new android and iOS game called Rumble City, or ランブル・シティ by developers COLPOL.  This game seems to be a simulation game where you can build your very own hustling-bustling city, right on your apple or android device! Let's take a look at the features that will be available for the game, below. 

Although these city building games have been always a facet of gaming in the states, they haven't quite set off in the Japan gaming market. However, COLPOL is hoping that this game will provide that untapped niche in the East. The Developers are promising to deliver a multi-player mode that will allow a player-versus-player battle system that will allow you to grab different buildings and real estate from one another. These fights are apparently possible to stretch for up to two days. Let's take a look at Rumble City's promo video to see what you can expect from this building simulation game!

 Rumble City, or ランブル・シティ is set to be launched in spring of 2015 on the Japan iTunes store. When the release comes around you'll want to start by picking up a Japanese iTunes Gift Card so that you can have access to the Japan iTunes Store (more info on how to do that, here). You can always rely on JapanCodeSupply to deliver fast, secure, and affordable iTunes Japan Gift Cards to you! 


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