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Log Horizon ログ・ホライズン iOS Preview. To be Released Winter 2015.

time Jan 24 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

This week I have managed to find a bit more information on the anticipated iOS game, spurred from the anime, Log Horizon ログ・ホライズン. We will begin to see more and more on this title as the days pass, now that we are in the new year. Be sure to check back for updates. 

Developer and publisher GREE has planned to encapsulate the Log Horizon anime series into a JRPG on a mobile platform to appease fans of the and of course generate revenue. Notice how the look of the game is very flat like anime! I am looking forward to seeing how this all plays out on iOS, whether it be through gesture swipes or conscious controls with a user interface. Only time will tell! 

 Fans of Log Horizon can expect to see the same cast of characters from the anime and manga in the game, however the story will be separate and branch off from the original. The developers have also mentioned that the game's battle system will revolve around a 'guild system' as it's main hub of attaining quests and battles. Social networking and friend battles may also be included, which would pull this into the MMORPG realm if the company decides to go that route. Make sure to be prepared for its release by picking up your Japan iTunes Gift Cards at JapanCodeSupply. As more information on this title is revealed I will continue to update and cover it for you!

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