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Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light ドラゴンクエストモンスターズスーパーライト iOS Review.

time Jan 21 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 3

For some time now ドラゴンクエストモンスターズスーパーライト, or, Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light has been available on the iTunes Japan Store. However, because I recently discovered this Square Enix franchise of games for myself, I figured I would share my first impressions of the game with you, today. 

It's typical in the sense of JRPGs, where you turn-base attack and yet I still found it to be very exciting and cute. You move around dungeons, in which you are guided with a beginners tutorial, so do not fret! Even though the game is filled with Japanese dialogue I know many of you JRPG fans and Dragon Quest fans will not have a problem getting to the game play. 

As seen above, swiping gestures quickly move you to and from different areas of the dungeons. When you see a pot or a chest you simply click it and the rewards are filtered into your inventory. I like how this is a very simple game for touchscreen that doesn't really involve user interface controls that can sometimes obstruct the beauty of a game. For the true Dragon Quest lovers, you will see that all of the famous monsters and characters are still very much apart of this game. Check out the video below for yourself to see!

Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light is available free to download on the Japan iTunes Store. Do not forget, in order to have access to Japanese games and apps you need access to the Japanese store by means of a Japanese credit card or an Japan iTunes Gift Card (more info, here).  Pick up your Japan iTunes Gift Card through quick digital delivery at JapanCodeSupply

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  • PC_blog

    Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light anniversary event 1.23~2.14
    type invite code : qQnk4pKF, when start game
    you get Useful monster & Item
    good luck

    January 23 2015 at 08:01 AM
  • PC_blog
    Nicholas Hinger

    Awesome info! Thanks for sharing, dqmsl!

    January 23 2015 at 10:01 AM
  • PC_blog

    Very classic and nice game

    August 15 2015 at 10:08 AM

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