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'Puzzle Sentai DENA Ranger パズル戦隊デナレンジャー' Preview.

Dec 24, 2014

'Puzzle Sentai DENA Ranger パズル戦隊デナレンジャー' was debuted at Tokyo Game Show 2014 and it is now beginning to roll out more promotion for this fun little iOS and Android game. I am very excited to see the release of this mobile puzzle game. This is going to be the perfect time-waster for me! I can't wait to try this!!! 

Puzzle Sentai DENA Ranger is also considered to be a fighting game as well! Check it out!

The premise of the game seems very whimsical. With the character heads as puzzle pieces, you quickly make matches on the lower end of the puzzle board to effectively create combos and attacks to fight your current enemy. Heroes, or Deno Rangers get stronger as you progress and move along the main map, defeating bosses through master puzzling skills! Currently, there is a huge promotional sign up campaign on the main site which is looking like it going to allow perhaps some early access and mail notifications when the game fully goes live. Luckily because of the type of puzzle game this is I don't think you will be needing heavy Japanese literacy to enjoy this app! Check out one of the fun promotional videos below. 

This game is slated to come out within fall-winter 2014. Let's be sure to try it out together. Perhaps it involves online activity with friends and if so comment below and we can all exchange our friend ID information whenever it is released on the Japan Apple iTunes Store. Be sure to pick up your iTunes Japan gift cards through JapanCodeSupply so that you can give this game a try with me!