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'Shining Resonance' Japan Launch PS3 Recap.

Dec 15, 2014

Today, I stumbled upon a few promotional videos and previews for the recently released game, Shining Resonance シャイニング・レゾナンスfor the PS3. Shining Resonance features a dragon-morphing lead character named Yuma with several other unique personas who are banded together for this story. Through the saga we begin to learn that Yuma has grown up in the dragon world and facing the human world becomes quite the challenge, among the other critical points in the story. 

Characters in the game are known as Dragoneers who harbor the ability to wield magical AND (this is the interesting part) musical weaponry. The battle system in this game is very unique and it really made me look forward to giving this game a try. As you can see in the pictures below, each of the characters possess their own unique battle traits through harmonics and tones. Skills are built up through special 'Skill Tuning' in which you can strengthen and prepare your favorite character for their journey through the progression of the story. 

More info on the battle system, in Japanese, here

I find this game appealing because it seems like a unique spin on a JRPG and music through battle, along with a compelling and epic story. I'm looking forward to giving this game a try. Check out this promotional video and let me know in the comment section if you are as pumped as me! 

Shining Resonance made its debut exclusively on the Japan PlayStation Network Store on December 11 2014. If you are as interested as I am about checking this new arrival out, head over to JapanCodeSupply where you can quickly purchase and receive Japanese PSN Cards