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Movie Review: 好きっていいなよ。—Suki tte Iina Yo

Dec 11, 2014


"Say ‘I love you’" is a Japanese manga by Kanae Hazuki.  It was adapted into a movie starring Haruna Kawaguchi and Sota Fukushi.  It’s ridiculously romantic.  

One line summary: A high school girl who doesn’t trust anyone, starts opening up to people after falling in love with the right guy.  

It’s always a struggle to watch a manga be adapted into a feature, especially because the manga is so much longer.  There’s way more character development that a 2 hour movie couldn’t possibly ever account for- for instance, the main character Mei doesn’t just suddenly become Miss Popular- there’s some struggle for her to make a friend, and find herself, so to speak.  

I’m also a little bit iffed out by stories where characters just kiss all of the time.  There’s a funny segment about how the hero of the story, Yamato, wards off Mei’s stalker by kissing her.  Because clearly, that works better than calling the police, etc. 


The reviews are generally positive on iTunes, and I’d definitely say that the first review is spot on.  ”Neither good nor bad” 4 stars.  However, it’s uplifting and hopeful, and just peachy.  

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