MONSTER HUNTER PORTABLE 2nd G for iOS - Japan Code Supply


Dec 06, 2014

As a huge fan of the Monster Hunter franchise, I am very excited to bring you my review on MONSTER HUNTER PORTABLE 2nd G for iOS. This game has been out on the iTunes Japan store for some time, however, because it is one of the top-grossing games on the store that will bring all Monster Hunter fans together I figured I would share my thoughts on the smooth game play and enjoyment factor.  

For all of the Monster Hunter fans out there who have played previous installments of the series on less portable consoles, it seems as if CAPCOM has managed to smoothly port Monster Hunter into an iPhone and iPad friendly game. There are on screen controls with an embedded user interface, but the game is also compatible to play with third party controller hardware as shown below. 

Like any other of the monster hunter games, you make your character and go out on quest-based hunting adventures where you defeat monsters, attain materials and then build bigger and better weaponry and armor. One of the most unique aspects of this installment of the game is that you get to enjoy a new plethora of beasts and land that you hadn't seen before. In this blog post I have included some actual game play footage that I think you will enjoy. Although there is Japanese dialogue, those familiar with the Monster Hunter titles will see that the game does not require knowledge of the language. The game also offers in-game purchases that can be fun. If you have a Japanese iTunes gift cards or store credit you can enjoy some of the little extras that can be picked up while you are playing, directly. 

When it comes to game enjoyment, this game is up there! It has a steep price of ¥1,600 (roughly 16 US dollars), but you would have paid way more for a fully-developed console version of this game, so in my opinion it is still a bargain. MONSTER HUNTER PORTABLE 2nd G is available exclusively in the Japan iTunes Store, so be sure to pick up your Japanese iTunes gift cards for the Japanese iTunes Store at JapanCodeSupply.