Nov 30, 2014

I know the name really isn’t much, but BUMP OF CHICKEN is back.  Debuting in 1994 and making their break in 2001 with their third single “天体観測" (Tentai Kansoku= Sky watching), BUMP (short) has been a consistent favorite of mine.  They’ve sorta been laying low for a while there though, after releasing their 2010 album “Cosmonaut”.  I mean, the guys have to be in their thirties now.  I figured they were tapped, especially since they even put out their DISCOGRAPHIES in July 2013.  


Lets give some perspective.  I’m 23 years old now, and BUMP always put out THE middle school dance song, or bunkasai (field day festival) song for me in my Japanese school throughout chuugaku and koukou (middle and high school).  BUMP was one of the original pop rock bands lined up with Asian Kung-Fu Generation and the likes.  I want you to think a slightly more indie version of Blink 182.  We’re talking old school Radwimps, and the boy version of Shishamo

Now in the iTunes charts for #1 and #2, is “パレード" (Parade) and "ファイター" (Fighter).  "Fighter" will be the theme song for the manga series "3月のライオン"(Lions of March) anime opening song.  I’ll go into "3月のライオン"(Lions of March)  in another blogpost.  

Here’s a reel: 

As far as “Parade" goes, it’s sort of a Takako Minekawa-inspired cardio workout song.  The promotion video puts Final Fantasy to shame, with its terrifying graphics and the end of the world, undead army exploding thing, because of a huge ball of steel.  But of course, BUMP OF CHICKEN continues to rock on through all the terror nearby. 

Now available only in iTunes Japan, we’ve got BUMP OF CHICKEN’s “Fighter” and “Parade”.   iTunes Japan gift cards is available through JapanCodeSupply