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Japan done it again: シンデレラブレイド2 (Cinderella Blade 2)

Nov 24, 2014

You can always count on Japan for perviness points.  Rated #6 at its peak on most popular paid apps (the free app rankings in iTunes Japan can be found here), Cinderella Blade 2 first hit the market in October 2014.  The game is pretty simple- it’s a pachinko-style slot machine.  BEWARE: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.  Rather than the smokey real-life pachinko places, you can play this one at home, on your own time.  

You actually might want to put in headphones too, because, um, of this: 

For all the points that you garner, you get a moment of spanking with any of the following characters.  

Take the original Cinderella Blade 2 characters of 

The Cinderella Sisters

The Earth Kingdom


The Wind Kingdom


The Fire Kingdom 


The Ice Kingdom 


and The Witches


The voiceovers are done by the real voice actresses.  If you’re a serious otaku in Japan, you might even go for a specific “kill” depending on your favorite CV (listed below the character names).  

Watch this woman kick ass in an arcade: 

Or NOT.  If you can see any of the comments section, she’s really actually terrible.  The Cinderella Blade series (we’re talking about version 2 btw) really makes for some serious ass whipping, in the name of some happy Japanese deviance.  Maybe the video below can shed some more light, where you can see the bikini-clad hott Japanese interviewers. 

Aw yeah.  Get it gurl. 

I recommend this game for all purposes Japan- you know, when you actually spend a few thousand bucks to make it to the land of the rising sun and get yourself situated in a nice 6 story Tokyo arcade tower (with a 3 floor dungeon basement), you want some practice.  

And like, just to be clear: 

You can find シンデレラブレイド2 only on iTunes Japan, and iTunes Japan gift cards is available through JapanCodeSupply.