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New trailer out for "Yo-kai Sangokushi" now on JCS Blog!

Mar 03, 2016

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you more fun and unique game reviews from Japan, to you. Today, I wanted to bring to your attention of an upcoming game, spawned from the hit anime, Yo-kai Watch! The title of the game isĀ Yo-kai Sangokushi and it's due out soon for Nintendo 3DS, in Japan! Let's check it out!

This game is said to be a huge upcoming game, especially for fans who adore the series. In it, you will be able to fight endless amounts of Yo-kai, as well as see many of the familiar monsters and characters you know and love. Check out the video below. Thanks Gematsu!

Looks awesome doesn't it? Yo-kai Sangokushi is due out April 2nd for Nintendo 3DS in Japan, just a few weeks away! For those of you interested, you are going to want to top of your Nintendo account with Japanese Nintendo Gift Cards, as soon as possible. No account yet? No problem! We have a quick guide for you, right here!

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