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How to Create a Japanese PSN account - 5 minutes read

Have you ever wanted to play the latest Japanese PlayStation games but they are only available on the Japan region store? Access all the newest hit games or get some great Japanese retro games to play on your PS4, PS3 or PSP by creating a Japanese PSN account for free!

The Japanese PSN Store is in Japanese but we've created a simple 11-steps tutorial to get you registered and gaming in no-time! 

This tutorial pertains to signing up for a Japanese PSN account through a PS3.

1. Under profiles create a new user and log in with the new credentials. 

How to create PSN Japan account - Create new user account


2. Move down to the PlayStation Network icon and choose the option, "Sign up for PlayStation Network"

How to create PSN Japan account - Sign up for PSN Network

3. When the option is available, you should see "Create a New Account". Click this (New Users).

How to create PSN Japan account - Create new Japanese PSN account

4. When choosing your home country, be sure to select Japan as your nation. This will, however, change all of the text and interface to Japanese. Continue by following the common prompts to enter your birth date by format of year, month and date from left to right. After filling in the form, select the lower-right blue button to continue on. 

How to create PSN Japan account - Set birthdate

5. Scroll down to complete the user license agreement by clicking the lower-right button at the bottom of the page to continue. 

How to create PSN Japan account - Accept agreement

6.In the first field, enter your email address to finalize your registration. A few pop-ups will appear, showing you that you have completed registration. Continue to click through.

In the second field and third field you will create a password and confirm the  password again. Please note that the password must include one number and must be over six characters long, but is not case-sensitive.

In the last drop-down, pick a secret question and an answer. This can be in English, if needed, but do not forget to save this  information for future login troubleshooting issues that may arise.

(if you want  to write in English on any of these parts, hit select on your PS3 game pad while inside the text box and English will eventually pop-up)

How to create PSN Japan account - Set password and secret question

7. In this next step you will create your user ID. I must be 3-16 alpha numeric characters, cannot be the same as your password and cannot be changed. 

How to create PSN Japan account - Set PSN Japan online ID

8. The next page asks for your name. In the first space enter your last name, and the second your first name. Use the drop down menu in the next portion to choose your gender. The first (top) option is male and the second (bottom) is female. 

How to create PSN Japan account - Fill in name and gender

9. At this point you will need to enter an official Japanese address. We cannot advise you how to do this portion, so you will have to get resourceful. Here are translations of the fields to help you out. 

How to create PSN Japan account - Set full address

10. Move to the next menu. Do not click the checkbox prompt and move on to the next menu, once more.

How to create PSN Japan account - Final step

11. Finishing up, all you have to do is confirm all of the information that you entered was correct and error-free. Click the lower-right button to proceed.

PSN Japan account setup finish!

Congratulations, you have now created a Japanese PSN account and have logged into the Japanese PSN Store! In order to purchase games and content on the PSN Store you will need Japanese PSN Gift Cards to top up your account.

Happy gaming! (^ω^)