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How to Redeem Recochoku Prepaid Cards

In this 5-steps tutorial, we will show you how to redeem all of your Recochoku Prepaid Cards so that you can begin to enjoy the best music Japan has to offer!

If you don’t have an account with Recochoku yet, please see this guideto get started.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will need a Japanese VPN in order to redeem your prepaid card as well as any transactions from the company. Unfortunately, we cannot assist with or suggest any of these third-party VPN programs, but will help you step-by-step in this guide on the registration process.

  • 1

    Begin by logging into your Recochoku account, here. Follow the instructions on the below screenshot.

  • 2

    After logging in, the website will redirect you to the home page.

    From there, look for the top grey panel of the page and click "「Myページ」". tutorial__stories__image
  • 3

    Scroll down until you see the panel outlined in the image below and click 「レコチョクプリペイドカード」.

  • 4

    Click the same prompt on the next page, saying 「レコチョクプリペイドカード」, like the image below.

  • 5

    At this point you will need to use your third-party VPN program. Follow the screenshot below to redeem your credit.


Congratulations! You have officially signed up Recochoku!

Enjoy browsing the store and downloading amazing Japanese music. Just make sure you have your VPN running while doing so. Do not forget to pick up your Recochoku Prepaid Gift Cards at JapanCodeSupply, the premiere Japanese Gift Card distributor! Have fun!