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time Feb 26 , 2016 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hello everyone, Nick here! Today, I am bringing you a game preview for your enjoyment from Japan, just like I do often during the week! This week, I've heard word on the popular upcoming title called Star Ocean 5 that is from the famous Star Ocean franchise. Due to come out soon for PS3 and PS4 in Japan. Let's check it out!

The much anticipated title from Square Enix, also dubbed "Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness" has recently put out a press release about more information on various characters and game environment.

They have released a couple more screen shots, concept art and character profiles of the many different people that you will be, within this immersive world. Another cool thing that Square Enix has showcased was the beautiful world and the places you will travel to when playing. I don't know about you guys, but when I play a game I want the worlds to be all-encompassing and beautiful!

Below, I've linked a preview trailer of the game. It will give you a little more insight and looks into the title without giving too much away. I hope you guys do enjoy it. Let me know in the comments section!

According to Siliconera and Square EnixStar Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will release in Japan on March 31, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. To be sure you can play it you are going to want to charge up your account with Japan PlayStation Network Gift Cards

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