The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars Trailer is here at JCS!

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Hey guys, Nick here bringing you more unique and exciting game reviews from the Japanese gaming marketplace. Today, Bandai Namco has released a trailer for their newest up and coming Idolmaster game, called The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars which will eventually be released in Japan on PlayStation 4! Let's check it out!


According to Gematsu, here is some of the new things we know about game content. Enjoy!


13 idols are employed at the young talent agency 765 Production, known by its nickname 765 Pro. Although everyone has made their debuts, they’re not exactly at the height of popularity… There is still some hidden talent within them yet to bloom! Seeing this, president Junjirou Takagi leases a training camp in the remote countryside. The protagonist (the player) is a newcomer producer at 765 Pro expected to overturn the situation. At the training camp, you’ll spend your days with the idols supporting them while they perform concerts and grow.

Extreme Live

The goal in The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars is to reach the biggest concert stage, the “Extreme Live.” By increasing the girls’ popularity and merit as idols through concert events, their idol ranks will rise, they’ll be recognized as top-class idols, and the Extreme Live will be within reach.

Game Flow

1. Pick one out of the 13 idols to produce. Connect with them one by one and trigger various events at the training camp.

2. Concert time! Coordinate your members, outfits, and songs.

3. Play the rhythm game.

4. Rank up and aim to become a top idol.

Sounds like some serious rhythm-action fun! Here's a preview of some of the idols in their fabulous glory!

Because the game is due to come out this year in the PlayStation Network Store, we would absolutely suggest that you stock up on your Japanese credit so you can pick it up as soon as it release! If you guys do not yet have a PSN account in Japan, check out our quick guide, here.

Oh, and here's a fun trailer for you guys to enjoy of the game!

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