Enjoy a Fun Take on Fighting in "Lip service Bancho VS [shiritori Fighting]" on iTunes Japan Now!

time Jan 07 , 2016 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you more exciting game reviews from the Japan industry! Today, we're looking at a super popular game right now in Japan, called 口先番長VS【しりとり格闘】or roughly translated as Lip service Bancho VS [shiritori Fighting], developed and published by Filament Inc. and available to play and download on the Japan iTunes Store right now! I found the game to be very cool and fun. Let's check it out!


The game is pretty cool in the sense of Japan-style gang fighting, much like something you would see straight out of a Street Fighter game, but right on your iOS device. Pretty cool huh? You can choose from a wide array of characters to battle with, and take on the story quests, or do random arcade-style fights. I found the combo system to be really nice too. It's not too hard to figure out if you're familiar with these type of fighting games. Plus a bonus below, on how the game plays!

The style of the game is beautifully drawn anime and manga-esque sexiness! One unique aspect of the game is that it is ALL about Japanese typing! This is a great game for those of you looking to improve your Japanese, but could be difficult if you don't have that broad of a foundation in the language! Regardless, I'd say check it out, and it may end up surprising you what you learn, especially if you're studying Japanese! 

Above, I've linked a video to give you a little preview of the title without giving too much away! As expected, 口先番長VS【しりとり格闘】or roughly translated as Lip service Bancho VS [shiritori Fighting], is available free to play and download on the Japan iTunes Store right now!

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