Feeling Nostalgic? Check out, "FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS" on iTunes Japan now!

time Dec 05 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you another fun and unique game review from the Japanese mobile market! Today, I'd like to give you a preview of the title, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, developed and published by none other than Square Enix and available now to download and play for free on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store. This game is sort-of a spin off of the title Brave Frontier but with the traditional Final Fantasy JRPG elements. For those of you who enjoy 2D retro JRPGs you may really want to try this game. Let's check it out!


The opening of the game is very reminiscent of the Brave Frontier games, and if you know the characters such as Cecil, Shadow and the others you will really enjoy the story. If you do not speak Japanese, it could be a bit of an issue to understand what's going on but I'll summarize the story for you. Basically, peoples feelings and thoughts are being manifested into creatures and things in the world of Lapis. These lands flourished until one day the crystal power of such visions became dark and twisted. The main characters are warriors who fight off these powerful evil visions to save the world of Lapis. 

As far as game play goes, it's fairly easy and predictable. Just like an old console JRPG, you basically choose your turn-based attacks in a timed fashion and wait. You will fight with your party members and then the monster will have a turn. I really enjoyed leveling my character through battle challenges in this game. What do you guys think? Would this be a title you'd want to check out? Let me know in the comment section, as I always enjoy your feedback!

Above, I've included a promotional video to give you a little bit more of a look at the game's visuals without giving too much away. I hope you guys like it! As mentioned, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS, is available now exclusively on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store.

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