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Hey guys Nick here bringing you more unique and exciting reviews from the Japan Apple iTunes App Store! Today, I am bringing you 夏休みデビュー~私の好きなあの人の場合~【放置】, roughly translated as Summer Vacation Debut - My Favorite Persondeveloped and published by WHRP Inc. This title is one of the very popular genres of games in Japan where you click and level up your character, much like a virtual pet. I really found the title to be simplistic and cute. Let's check it out!

The goal of this game is the make the most of your summer vacation and land yourself the girl or boy of your dreams to find your ultimate happiness! It seems a bit cheesy, but these dating simulator games are extremely popular in Japan. I also found the art style to be incredibly adorable. What do you guys think?

Day by day, you must make the right decisions to impress your love interest the most, while also avoiding conflict with others, and getting advice with some other really cool characters. Additionally, you're going to need to make sure you do the right things when you interact with your future girlfriend or boyfriend so make sure you choose your actions wisely!

Another weird portion of the game is that as you level up and gain experience your love interest may also change as well. She may end up starting off as very cute and innocent and, transform into a full-blown fashionista that has much more sex-appeal. I'm not really sure where Japanese developers are going with this one but I guess it does have an air of sexism. Either way, I was amused with the face-value of the game and I hope you guys find the story and title enjoyable too! I'd love to know what you guys think about this and I encourage you to comment below on your reception of the game!

As expected, 夏休みデビュー~私の好きなあの人の場合~【放置】, roughly translated as Summer Vacation Debut - My Favorite Personis available free to download and play on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store, as it is one of the most top-grossing games as of late. For those of you who don't yet have a Japan iTunes Account, we went ahead and set up a simple guide for you so that you can enjoy amazing Japanese games like this, plus many more.

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