Enjoy More Idol Fun with "THE iDOLMASTER CINDERELLA GIRLS STARLIGHT STAGE" on iTunes Japan now!

time Oct 26 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you another unique and fun Japanese mobile game from the Japan iTunes Store. I know many of my readers love Idol games so I thought I would do a review on one of the top-grossing Japan Apple iTunes App Store games, called THE iDOLMASTER CINDERELLA GIRLS STARLIGHT STAGE, developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment! I really enjoyed the rhythm portion of the game and I think you guys will too, let's check it out!

The game starts out with a normal Idol game setting where you get to choose from a variety of female characters who are training to be musical superstars. The ones that you choose will all have their own unique and fun personality, while also having their own special flare to the rhythm portion of the game.

The gameplay for the title is relatively easy. You will have a spread of circles in which you will have to tap on your screen to the beat of whatever song you may be playing. The cool part about this part of the game is that each song is considered a level in which you are dancing and singing with your idol girls. As you clear levels and get high scores you will be able to attain higher levels of fame and bigger portions of the story line open up for you!

Without spoiling too much, I've included a gameplay clip so that you can see a little bit more how this idol rhythm game works! I really think you guys will enjoy it a lot, and would love to hear your feedback on the game in the comment section.

For those of you who do not yet have a Japanese iTunes account we've went ahead and created a quick guide for you to get you started playing games like this, from Japan, plus many more! THE iDOLMASTER CINDERELLA GIRLS STARLIGHT STAGE, developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment is free to play and download on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store today!

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 Edit: I apologize for some of the graphics and links being of the wrong game and of the similar title. Please note I have corrected this and thank you to the readers for pointing this out for me!

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