Explore Vast Oceans with "Pirates of War" on iTunes Japan Only!

time Sep 30 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you an awesome game review and preview from the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store. Today I am bringing 戦の海賊, or Pirates of War to you today from developer and publisher, Sega. This is a strategic battle at sea game that I think you guys will really enjoy. It's one of the most unique titles I have had the chance to review so far, and I think you guys will really love it! Let's check it out.

Before I begin, a lot of you had mentioned that you would like to play Japanese games from your iOS devices but didn't know how to do so, so we have set up a quick guide for you to get you up and gaming in Japanese in no-time! 

The game starts out with your original vessel that you are a captain of, in the oceans of some fantasy land. It is up to you to build your ship to its ultimate potential as well as acquire more ships to man that you will battle with against other looting pirates. Strategy is important in this game, as it will really give you the upper hand in battles if they are well thought out executed moves. One cool thing about the game is various ships have different utilities. For example, one ship fires strictly missiles. Other ships have other abilities and without giving too much away I can let you know, you will want to get a vast variety of them for your battles so that you can conquer any situation at sea! 

The battlefield is in beautiful, fully-rendered 3D, which gives you an advantage of being able to turn and maneuver your camera to ensure your boats are not in arms way of danger. I really liked how this game is oriented around these pirate ships, but do not forget about your crew! You will be able to fully-customize your avatar that people will see on top of your main ship, when in battles. This game offers online play where you can fight in large-scale battles. I did try a few of them, but they seemed pretty intimidating at first. Would this game be something that you guys would give a try? Let me know in the comment section below, because I love hearing your feedback on the games I review! 

Above, I've included a promotional trailer for the game to give you a bit more insight on how the game plays. I hope you like it! As expected, 戦の海賊, or Pirates of War is available exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store and is free to download and play. I hope you guys will give the game a shot! 

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