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time Jul 14 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hi everyone, Nick here again bringing you more exciting Japanese game news and reviews! I really enjoy writing these Japanese app store reviews for you guys, and I hope you like reading them too! I've received a lot of positive feedback lately from my readers so I just wanted to say THANKS, and look forward to more! Today's review is an adorable puzzle game surrounding plushy fat Pandas! I found this game to be not overly challenging yet fun enough to grab you at the first minute of game play. The title of the game is called ころぱん - 謎解きパズル or ColorPan - Mystery Puzzles developed and published by Applica Inc. on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store! Let's check it out!

The fun part about this game is that it is fully touch operated and not too difficult at all to get into, if this is one of your first games on the iTunes Japan Store! Your pandas have various goals for every level of puzzles they are in and different touch gestures offer different results to help you along! Tap once and one single, tiny panda will fall from the sky into the puzzle where you dropped it. Hold down to grow a giant fat panda and drop him! OR (my favorite) hold and drag to create a panda pipe that will suffice as a bridge or other things!

Another fun little aspect of the game is that the more you achieve you gain special points which you can use at the shop to change the skin of your panda. You can make him a bunch of other adorable characters, too! You will definitely enjoy unlocking all of the different skins for the pandas as I did, and I hope you guys give it a shot! The tutorial helps you with goals and as you acquire in-game points you can actually tap a light-bulb icon for a HINT every now and again. They're useful even if you cannot read Japanese!

 Overall, I found the game challenging and fun! You get stars based on how you handled the difficulty of the level and it seems it's not hard to get 3/3 stars in the first 20 levels or so. Let's see how I do with the rest, and I look forward to hearing everyone else's results too! As expected,  ころぱん - 謎解きパズル or ColorPan - Mystery Puzzles developed and published by Applica Inc. is available exclusively to download on Japanese Apple iTunes App Store! If you have not yet to had the chance to create your own Japanese Apple ID, we have a five minute guide for you!

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