Enjoy the Amazing Moomin in "Welcome to Moomin Valley" on iTunes Japan!

time Jun 28 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, Nick here bringing you another exciting game review from the Japanese mobile game industry! Today,I am bringing an adorable game that has become a top-grossing hit on the Apple iTunes Japan Store called, ムーミン 〜ようこそ!ムーミン谷へ〜, or Welcome to Moomin Valley, developed and published by Poppin Games, Inc.! This game is based on the popular children's cartoon series from Sweden called Moomin, which has also become a sensation in both Japan and around the world! I really found this game to have cool elements of a farm-tending game and just enough Japanese in it to help with your language skills if you are learning the language. Let's check it out!

The game starts off with you as the main character, Moomin, who is the young child of the mother and father Moomins! Basically your job in this game is to tend to the fields and valleys and create your own successful village with the memorable characters of the series! The dialogue is all very simple in Japanese so I really enjoyed taking the time to read it, as it can very will improve your Japanese reading skill! When starting the game you are given some situations where the family needs to make every things such as coffee and bread, and you will need to take the grains and beans that you grow yourself and do these tasks for them to ensure a happy Moomin family!

I also really liked the adorable style of the game that kept it feeling like it was a storyboard from the actual game. Quite adorable isn't it? The map of Moomin Valley is actually fully customizable with rocks and trees that you can place anywhere to your liking. A cool aspect of the game is that there is a quest tracker that will give you a lot of in game money and experience if you can complete the tasks. Some of which are, bake bread for a friend, or purchase something off of the Moomin store. It was pretty easy to start making in-game money right from the get-go. Additionally, the family can go on special "Field Trips" in which they can meet other characters to invite to come live in the valley and help with them. Of course these characters are familiar for those who know the series! Below I've linked a video of some in-game footage to give you a better idea of how the game plays. Enjoy!

As expected,  ムーミン 〜ようこそ!ムーミン谷へ〜, or Welcome to Moomin Valley, is available free to download and play on the Japan Apple iTunes App Store. 

Although free, there will be some in-app purchases so be sure to power up your Apple Japan credit on your account. No account? No problem. We have made a quick guide for you on how to create your on Japanese iTunes Apple ID in 5 minutes time, here. Don't forget at JapanCodeSupply we always strive to deliver you the best rates and quick service of our Japan iTunes Gift Cards, so that you can quickly and easily enjoy content like this title! Enjoy! !


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