Protect the Royal Family in, "One-Hundred Monsters Versus, Little Princess" on iTunes Japan!

time May 29 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hello everyone, today I am bringing you a pretty cool game review on a JRPG that is taking the Japan iTunes App Store by storm! This game is called 妖怪百姫たん, or roughly translated as "One-Hundred Monsters Versus, Little Princess", developed by Gamebiz and published by Kadokawa! The game is cool because it somewhat resembles a 2D anime, yet it has many neat turn-based features that you would expect in a Japanese role playing game. No cards, here but it seems like the game has a similar format to a lot of card game hybrids I have been seeing on the market lately. Let's take a look!

The game starts off with an adorable cat-girl who will guide you through the battle process and story, as shown in the picture above. She is super adorable and will help you harness enough awesome power to take on the baddest of bad guys! The game is turn based and your party members will be on the lower panel of the screen. From there you can fire off attacks, but the coolest part about the game is that you can slide party members into one another on the board to create an ultimate fighter for the battle, which is the celestial princess goddess. Sounds impressive, right!? 

The battles are very fun and exciting, and I was very into the art style of the game. Based on the screenshots I have shown, what do you guys think? I love hearing your feedback! Additionally, the story and audio was very cool and cute. You end up collecting all of these female characters and you are able to level and power them up to aid in even more battles as you go forward. I've included a video to show you how the game plays so you can have a better idea. It's almost like an interactive anime! Enjoy guys!

妖怪百姫たん, or roughly translated as "One-Hundred Monsters Versus, Little Princess", is available free to download and play on the Japanese Apple iTunes Store on your iPhone or iPads! They do offer in-app purchases but those are merely optional, and in this game it will not really hinder your enjoyment of the title. I hope that you guys are able to collect some really cool party members and enjoy the game, like I did! If you do not have an Apple ID we have a quick guide right here for you, to get your started.

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