Play Alongside the Cutest Characters in "Toifurikku" on the iTunes Japan Store!

time May 28 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Every once in a while there is a JRPG that jumps out to me, that seems to be somewhat different from the rest of the mix. Today, I would like to showcase a game I have been playing for the last few weeks called "Toifurikku", developed by Ambition Web, and available now on the iTunes Japan Store for you to download and play. I think it has a very adorable art style, paired with simple, easy to play turn-based RPG mechanics that will be sure to win the hearts of many. Let's check it out!!


The game starts out with you as the main adventurer in a mystical world that is in peril. After making a few friends locally, you set off and begin your epic journey, packed with battles and high drama. As expected, the cut-scenes are very beautiful. What I like about this game is that when in a dialogue, the characters are in full height and detailed, but when you enter battle you are sorta transformed into this cel-shaded party which somewhat simplifies the character models. 

The battle and the party layout are very clear and concise, which is something a feel like is a MUST on a mobile game. No one wants to have the screen cluttered with a lot of elements when they have to touch the screen to enjoy the game. I found the user interface along with the battle elements of the game to be hands-down fun. I think you guys would enjoy it quite a bit too. If you get the chance to download it, I would love to hear your feedback, so please drop me a line below. I've linked a video of the game for you all to get a more in-depth idea of how the game plays. Enjoy!

Toifurikku is currently free to download and play on the Apple Japan iTunes Store. I think you guys ill enjoy the cutesy characters and the story, paired with the fun battles. If you want extras for the game, there are also in-app purchases for you to enjoy as well. No Japan iTunes Account? No Problem! We have a guide right here for you to follow to get set up right away!

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