Tackle Card Battles in, "Dragon Poker" on iOS in the Japan iTunes Store!

time May 28 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey guys, today I am bringing you a pretty unique review of a card-battle game on iTunes Japan called, Dragon Poker, developed by Asobism. This game takes the regular battle card game and jazzes it up a bit! I think you guys will really enjoy some of the unique aspects of this game. This game has been the top selling game on the Japanese iTunes Store for some time now and I found it to be both fun and challenging. Let's have a look!

The game sets its battles in the typical Japanese RPG form, where you are facing your opponent for a turn-based fight. The thing that differs slightly is that you are using a deck of cards to do the work! When you first begin the game, you are asked to input your name and choose an elemental specialty, between fire, water and grass. It sort of reminded me of Pokemon at that point and because I loved a lot of grass-type Pokemon I went with grass. From then I was given a complimentary starter deck that were of mostly grass related monsters. 

From there, you immediately begin your battles! They are pretty fast paced, but the tutorial helped me understand which attacks would hurt other elemental monsters in the arena. For starts, you have your on base level as the card holder, that will grow in time and allow for you to both combine cards, and actually hold bigger and stronger decks. Additionally your cards each grow in level, and have their own stats and attacks that will be unleashed in battle. The art was super pretty as well. Below I've included a video clip of the game that I want you guys to check out. Let me know what you think in the comment section, as I always love hearing your feedback!

Dragon Poker is available free to play and download on the Japanese iTunes Store, but you are going to need to have access to a Japanese Apple ID before you can begin downloading! Don't worry, we've created a quick guide for you right here, to assist with that and it literally takes 5 minutes to do!

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