Enjoy Mahjong with the Best on the Japan iTunes Store with "Janshin Chronicles"

time May 18 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hello everyone! Nick here, bringing you a very cool game from the Japanese iTunes Store that is a bit different from the card-style type games I have seen or played before. This game is called, Janshin Chronicles – Shinsoku Battle Mahjong 雀神クロニクル ~神速バトル麻雀~, published by the hit Japanese mobile game company, DeNa. This game is cool because it has some very intriguing battle content mixed with the famous Chinese tile game, Mahjong. Let's check it out.


The thing that I was immediately impressed with, with this title was that there were some really cool elements that bring Chinese folklore and demons to life through the old style of Mahjong. I had never played much Mahjong in the past but the game was relatively easy to pick up and begin matches. My favorite part about the game was that you can play with people from all over the world, or friends who also download and play the App. Another unique feature is you do not have to have long battles, but they can be short 40 second burst matches for when you are on the go and only have a bit of time! Pretty cool, huh? 

As you build and fight your way through Mahjong matches you will also be faced with choosing automated opponents through the story line. This can be fun if you are are sick of playing with others and just want to improve your skill with the mahjong game. Additionally, you guys will like that you don't need to know very much, to any Japanese to get right into the game. You'll start to memorize how the game works within 5 minutes. Below I've linked a promotional video of the game to give you more of a first-hand look at how it plays. Enjoy!

Janshin Chronicles – Shinsoku Battle Mahjong 雀神クロニクル ~神速バトル麻雀~ is available free to play on the Japan Apple iTunes Store, but the game does offer in-app purchases to bring your mahjong skills to the next level. If you do not yet have a Japanese Apple ID we have a quick guide right here to get you started! Remember at JapanCodeSupply, we always strive to provide you with the most affordable and quickest delivery of your Japanese iTunes Gift Cards so that you can enjoy titles like this! 

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