Monster Stadium, coming to the Japan iTunes Store this Weekend!

time Apr 29 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hello everyone, Nick here bringing you the latest in Japanese game news. Today I have heard more information about a new mobile title coming to Japan called, Monster Stadium, that will be released by Mixi (2121), this weekend. Some months back I had seen a bit of press on this game, and now the release date is finally in sight. I think that you guys will enjoy this game because it involves some very epic pet battles and JRPG elements. Without further ado, let's take a look!

It should be noted that this is actually a spin off of Mixi (2121)'s original game titled Monster Strike. Characters and monsters from the original game will actually be transferable to this different version of the game, so if you have some powerful monsters be sure to keep them around for this title! A large aspect of the game is training and fighting monsters, much like Pokemon had shown us in the past. However, a big portion of the new version of the game is live player-versus-player battles, so that you can enjoy all of the monster mayhem with your friends, or strangers online, proving for some pretty cool massively multiplayer online battles.

The coolest part of this game's release being this weekend is that they are having a 2-day launch event at NicoNico,and will be hosting many battles on their live stream for everyone to see, so if you end up playing this weekend during peak Japanese hours, there is a chance your battle could actually be viewed by thousands of spectators! How crazy is that!? I will definitely be battling, and enjoying the game over the weekend, and I hope you guys will check it out as well! Below, I have linked a video demo of the gameplay from a first-person perspective. Perhaps that will give you a bit more hands-on information on the title! Enjoy!

Monster Stadium will be available exclusively for the Apple iTunes Japan App Store, come this weekend (April 29th to be exact)! In order to have access to Japanese games you must have a Japanese Apple ID so we have made a simple guide for you to sign up! Additionally, the game will be free to play and download but will have cash shop items for you to power up your monsters. At JapanCodeSupply we always strive to offer you the best prices, convenience, safety and speed in providing you Japanese iTunes Gift Cards! Happy gaming and see you all this weekend for the event!

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