Become a Pioneer in, "Tomorrow Island" from the Japan iTunes Store!

time Apr 08 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hi everyone! Today I reviewing a really awesome game that I enjoyed a lot and I think you will too. The name of this title is "Tomorrow Island", developed and published by Trifort Inc. This game is nothing typical that I have tried before, as it is sort of a pioneer/survival type game. You make your own life in a Sims-like environment, with of course a Japanese flair to it as far as style goes. Let's check it out, below!

When you begin the game you are given a special assistant which will help you in your life on the island. As you can see in the title picture above, it is an adorable bird who will push you through tutorials to ensure that you can make a successful life for yourself and will help you along the way! You start the game off by fully customizing your avatar and name, from hair style and color to facial features and gender. After spending time on that, pink birdy will show you around the island and teach you about gathering resources to build your own camp. This part of the game was really cool because all of the materials I had gathered I was able to use to make a little hut for myself as well as a garden and a campfire. 

The cool part about this game is that it seems like the more work you put into the island, the more civilized the people and the region will become. The graphics are stunning, with a fully-rendered three dimensional world with cel shading effects to give a cartoonish feel to it all. I really enjoyed building my camp larger and larger and also growing crops. As your character requires being fed, all the vegetables that you grow will definitely come in handy! Below I have linked a promotional video of the game for you to get a more feel for the title, in motion. I hope you guys like it and check it out for yourself. I am always looking for more feedback in the comment section so please chime in on your thoughts with the game!

"Tomorrow Island" is available free to download and play exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store. Remember, you cannot explore and download Japanese iTunes content without a Japanese Apple ID, so we have set up a quick, 5 minute guide to get you set up for Japanese gaming, here! At JapanCodeSupply, we always offer you the most affordable and safe methods to get your iTunes Japan Gift Cards in any amount! 

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