Enjoy JRPG card-action with, "Me and Dragon" for iOS!

time Apr 08 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hey all, Nick here! Today I am bringing you an exciting review of a title available exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store called, 僕とドラゴン(boku to doragon), or "Me and Dragon" , published by Studioking Inc.! This game has some very cool elements to it that will be enjoyable for fans of JRPG genre as well those into card-collecting battle games. Let's take a lot, below! 

The game starts out easily enough: You are a male adventurer who is thrown into the land of dragons. At first, you have to tap the enemies in the field zones to accrue exp and power points. These mobs are rather low in health and one or two taps should destroy them, giving you the appropriate power boosts. The field and game design is set in a magnificently detailed 3D cel-shaded style that gives a reminiscent feeling that you are playing inside of an anime series! Your character is a hero that is cladded in awesome looking gear, and yields a sword which he uses to fight off enemies. 

After successfully battling the tiny enemies you can then use the menu bar below to summon a dragon to fight. The style of fighting changes a bit from here on. You are placed in an arena with the dragon, in which your deck of cards that you own and will continue to build are the weapons used to fight and win the match. Based on the stats of your cards you will have a good or a bad outcome and possibly get a card or a bonus item for winning the match. All you have to do is tap and then your cards will apply a mass attack to the dragon or the giant boss that you are fighting. I found it to be pretty fun, and not too complicated in terms of battle. When the game is smooth and simple for mobile titles, I usually feel happy about it. Here is no exception. It was some great fun. Below I have included a promotional video of the game for you to see for yourself. If you end up giving the game a try, leave me a comment here, I'd love to hear your feedback!

As mentioned,  僕とドラゴン(boku to doragon), or "Me and Dragon"  is available free to play and download on the Japanese Apple iTunes App Store . There are in-app purchases that will help you power up your cards and enhance the battles so make sure you charge up your game to get the most out of it. If you have yet to get yourself a Japanese Apple ID we have a 5 minute guide for you, here. Remember, at JapanCodeSupply, we always strive to bring you the cheapest, fastest and most secure Japan iTunes Gift Card purchases so that you can enjoy the coolest gaming content from Japan!



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