Enjoy Epic, All-Female Battles with "Ange Verge: Second Discipline Girls Battle" on the Japan iTunes App Store!

time Mar 22 , 2015 by Nicholas Hinger PC_blog 0

Hello all! Today I am bringing you yet another cool Japanese game directly from the iTunes Japan App Store, called, アンジュ・ヴィエルジュ ~第2風紀委員 ガールズバトル~ or roughly translated as, "Ange Verge: Second Discipline Girls Battle", developed and published by Sega. This game revolves around an all female cast of characters who bring their own unique style to the battlefield. Many of the girls in the game yield their own weapons that suit their persona in this fun game. Let's check it out, below!

First and foremost, like most Japanese mobile games, there is a second, internal download required after launching the game which will take a few moments. It will not hog too much memory on your mobile device but will take a bit of time before you can begin playing. After the install finishes you are immediately launched into battle, something that is not too unfamiliar with mobile turn-based games. The female avatar you are playing at is running and you basically tap a roulette wheel to decide your fate. You will either pick up some loot or be attacked by an enemy.

As far as battle goes, each female character that you posses in your party equates to a battle card. These cards have various attributes that will assist in your fight against enemies. Generally, you will either see a single-card battle against just one enemy or a multiple card battle against several foes. You must align your attacks up in the right order to get the highest combos so you will win the fights and be able to press on with the story line. I found the story to be engaging but simple enough that if you were more interested in the battle portion of the game you could go ahead and skip over dialogues. Through the game you'll be able to collect more character cards of different all-powerful women who will help you in your battles! Below, I've included a official promotional commercial from Japanese television for you to enjoy. If you do end up checking out the game let me know what you think about it in the comment section below. I always like hearing reader feedback!

As you  may have expected, アンジュ・ヴィエルジュ ~第2風紀委員 ガールズバトル~ or roughly translated as, "Ange Verge: Second Discipline Girls Battle" is available only on the iTunes Japan App Store. The game is free to download but Sega does offer in-game purchases for additional cosmetic goods. If you have not yet created your own Japanese Apple ID we have a guide for your to get started, right here!

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