JapanCodeSupply - Cheap Japanese iTunes, PSN, Nintendo Gift Cards

Purchase Limit

All gift cards in our store are retail cards we personally bought from local stores here in Tokyo, Japan.
They are authentic and legitimate.

Some local stores have inventory limitation. To maintain optimum delivery time performance and ensure that our service available to all customers, JapanCodeSupply balances order loads by imposing purchase limits as follow.

Your purchase limit will increase over time under the following criteria.
Your account age is counted from the first time you made a purchase (and verified your phone number) with us.

First purchase starts with a Blue rank.

Account ageTotal purchasedRankDaily limitMonthly limit
0~ days 0~1500 USD Blue 200 USD 500 USD
60~ days 1500~3000 USD Gold 250 USD 750 USD
90~ days 3000~ USD Platinum 300 USD 1000 USD


Please be advised that the above limit is a trailing limit.
The daily limit is the limit considering your past 24 hours purchase. 
The monthly limit is the limit considering your past 30 days purchase.

Any purchase exceeding the limit will be automatically cancelled by our delivery server. You can confirm the time when you can purchase again from your account status page (link inside the email we send).

Let us know for any questions!

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