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How to Redeem a Japanese DMM.com Prepaid Card - 2 minutes read

Now that you've registered for your DMM.com shopping account, it's time to put it to use and get shopping! After purchasing the cards from JapanCodeSupply, you will have to apply the gift card codes to your account before you're set to shop.

This 3-steps tutorial will teach you how to redeem Japanese DMM.com Prepaid Cards on your DMM.com account.

IMPORTANT: You will need a third party Japanese VPN to access and purchase from the DMM.com store. We, unfortunately cannot provide you with suggestions or support regarding these programs, so you will have to get resourceful. Best of luck!

1. Log into your DMM.com account, here. From the homepage, you can put your mouse over the 「マイページ」icon or "My Page" From there, click the button that you can see highlighted in red in the below image. 

How to redeem Japanese DMM card - Login to your account

2. From there, it will redirect you to the account page. Use the visual guide in the picture below to click the object. Please note: at this point you WILL need to use your Japanese VPN to access.

How to redeem Japanese DMM card - Redeem DMM prepaid card

3. From your gift card purchase, type in your card number into the box, as shown in the image below. Click the button below to continue.

How to redeem Japanese DMM card - Type in code


Congratulations, you have charged up your DMM.com account. Don't forget you must use your Japan, third-party VPN in order to make your purchases and log in properly.

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