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How to Create a Japanese WebMoney Account

WebMoney is an awesome service offered in Japan that allows you to use your WebMoney account to make purchases at tons of different Japanese retailers. This is useful when companies do not offer transactions out of Japanese currencies or Japanese credit cards.

This guide will teach you how to create your very own WebMoney account.

1. Open the WebMoney website to prepare for registration. 

2. As shown in the picture below, type in your email address (must be a valid email) into the area highlighted in red. When complete, click 「次へ」。

3. At this point you will receive a confirmation email from the company. As shown in the picture below, click the link to confirm your address and continue. 

4. Now you will be prompted to sign up. Follow the instructions in the picture below.

5. After finishing signing up, you should receive a second email from WebMoney. Take the confirmation code from the email and paste it into the completed sign up form, back on the page you had registered the account.

Please note that this confirmation will happen every time you log into WebMoney as a security feature, so be prepared to do this every time. 


Congratulations! You have completed creating your WebMoney account. Happy Shopping!