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How to Redeem Japanese PSN Gift Cards.

In this tutorial we will show you how to redeem your newly purchased Japanese PSN Gift Cards and apply them to your Japan PSN account. 

1. Sign into your PSN account here.

2. Click on "ウォレットへのチャージ(入金)" at the bottom of the next page  (folder icon).

3. Click, "コード番号の入力" next.


4. Enter your Japanese PSN Gift Card code in the field and then press "次へ".


5. On the next screen you will confirm the code's balance and hit "同意して、ウォレットへチャージします。" to complete redemption (blue button).


Congrats, you have redeemed your Gift Card and are ready to enjoy PSN content! Don't forget that if you want to purchase games and content on the PSN Store you will need Japanese PSN Gift Cards to charge up your account!