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Jan 18, 2015 by Mia Uchida 0

Instagram made it over to Japan a little late.  People are just finally starting to get on the bandwagon.  I think there's a lot of security concerns for the average person over yonder though, especially since the job market is so tight.  "What if someone finds my instagram and I lose my job?" Stuff like that.  

Here're my favorite female celebrity instagrams. 

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 

Kyary's instagram is a lot of selfies and backstage photos.  It's all work-related, so if you're a fan of her work, you should check it out.  I don't really recommend it to get any personal insight though- it seems like a very calculated account, probably constantly being monitored by her promoters. 


Becky's instagram is really cute.  She takes a lot of pictures of her and her friends, and food.  I love how personal her account is, and she's obviously very pretty.  A lot of her picture descriptions are in English too.  



Rola takes a lot of personal photos- most notably, the cosmetics she uses.  Who knows, maybe she's being paid to advertise some products, but it's sorta nice to get recommendations for mascara and skin cream.  I mean, if she uses them, they can't be bad (although wicked expensive).  

Yuko Oshima 


Former AKB48 member, Yuko Oshima's account is brand spanking new.  Made in July 2014, she takes lots of pictures going out with friends, and the like.  I have no idea where she's gone off to though.  Is she even working still?  After her small stunt in the J-dorama 安堂ロイド~A.I. knows LOVE ? she hasn't gotten any major roles. She's not half bad as an actress.  Lets just hope she never goes back to a singing career.  

Kou Shibasaki 

Ko Shibasaki has the cutest cat.  I mean, this is like, as cute as Taylor Swift's cat-cuteness.  She's sort of a foodie too, but a surprising amount of junk food.  She doesn't really post regularly, and I think she must be using an iPhone 4.  

She's most notable for works such as "Chakushin Ari" and "Sekai No Chuushin de Ai Wo Sakebu".  

Keiko Kitagawa 

On a scale of 1 to 10, I think Keiko Kitagawa scores a solid 9.9.  She's not the best actress, but she's got a great personality and face. Her photos are 50% selfies and 50% food.  She also has a really beautiful cat.  I always wonder though, how celebrities can possibly be good pet owners.  Wouldn't they just be totally abusing them by neglect?  

Who's the hottest of them all?  Leave your comments below. 





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Jan 07, 2015 by Mia Uchida 0

Here's to the best Japanese celebrity couples.  

#1 世界の終わり(Sekai No Owari)'s vocalist Satoshi Fukase and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu have been dating for a little over a year now (at least as seen by the public).   

They are pretty much one of the most adorable celebrity couples.  They also share the same PV (music video) director.  You can see some of the resemblances in style and cinematography: 

Here's 世界の終わり's 炎と森のカーニバル

This is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Fashion Monster

My other favorite celebrity couple: 

Mao Inoue and Jun Matsumoto from Arashi

Mao Inoue, who recently starred in the Snow White Murder Mystery, and Matsu-Jun from Arashi co-starred in Hana Yori Dango (2005) and have been dating since.  

Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers, is a Japanese classic.  The title comes from an old saying in Japan, meaning "Dango (snacks) over Flowers (beauty)".  A "normal" girl enrolls at a super elite private high school and falls prey to the Japanese caste system (if ever there was one).  

You can find the original Hana Yori Dango manga on iTunes Japan books.  


上戸 彩 (Ueto Aya) and EXILE's retired leader, HIRO are so freaking cute.  There's quite an age difference (27 and 41 when they got married 2 years ago) between the two, but Aya is so pretty and Hiro has a shining personality on TV.  Who knows what they're like in real life, I mean, there are some dark rumors on the internet but EXILE is legendary in Japan- actually, EXILE is almost a cult.  

EXILE tribe is the name of bands who have been "raised" by EXILE.  These generations of EXILE-esque boy bands and dancing bands, include E-girls and 三代目 J Soul Brothers

EXILE: Rising Sun 

EXILE tribe: The Revolution 

E-Girls: Highschool <3 Love 

We'll see how long the couples above will last though.  We don't want another Aoi Miyazaki and Sosuke Takaoka. 

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Dec 31, 2014 by Mia Uchida 1

I love the end of the year, because all the regrets come pouring and gushing out of people about the past year. 

I think that the few people who have been reading my blog(s) can get behind the fact that I WASTE A LOT OF TIME ON THE INTERNET.  That's okay though, because it's a right of passage for being fresh out of college, continuing to pretend that I'm in college, and acting like I'm still in college.  

Names in Japan have gone through some sort of bizarre revolution in the past decade. Dubbed as "kira kira names", or "sparkly names", the recent mothers and fathers of the next generation in Japan have been drinking bad water or something.  I find the names repulsive, and I snicker when meeting new people with odd characters assigned to them.  However, the recent list of bad 2014 names really brings my terrible palette for bad taste up a few notches.  

Behold, the list below (in Japanese.  Don't worry, I'll list them in English): 

Sensou - means War 

Anaru- I can only assume that this is "Anal" 

Anaru- different characters, same name as above 

Karin- this one isn't too bad, I think it's the characters that make it really silly looking though 

Haato- Heart.  Talk about never getting laid. 

Hadesu- I have no idea what this name means

Pelika- Same as above

Rugia- I hate Pokemon.  Pokemon ruins the world 

Wish- ...no comment 

Mara- This one just sounds so weird in Japanese 

Iroha- The old alphabet...great.  Essentially, someone named their child ABC 

Ruizu- Louise?  I don't even...what...

Jujii- What?

Lunaluna- HA

Mashuu- Mathew? 

Daun- Probably pronounced like "Down" 

Krillin- AH HELL NO.  REALLY?  

Satia- Another video game reference.  Classy. 

Haafu- Half.  Call someone less than whole.  

Faito- Fight.  Uh-huh.  This kid will get beat up for the rest of his life.  God forbid it's a girl's name

Haato- Heart, again, presumably a girl

Ichigo- "Strawberry" in Japanese.  I mean, Chris Martin and Gwyneth had a baby named "Apple"

Shooto- Short? Or Shot? I dunno.  Please don't ask me.  AAAhhhhhhhH!

Akua Marin- Someone was named Aquamarine.  And the character doesn't read as Aquamarine.  This person, girl or boy, is doomed for an arranged marriage 

Meraru- Video games are ruining real life 

Haato- Heart, again 

Zelda- Not bad, but...in Japan?  

Serehi- I have no idea 

Sui- Hmmm. Interesting.  Not very Japanese, but it's not the worst of these, by any means

Kyua- Okay, so some heartless parents decided to name their daughter Cure.  How much do you have to punish another human being for being an oops baby? 

Mew Two- ...I hate Pokemon with a burning passion 

Jedi- I hate Star Wars too, while I'm at the I hate Pokemon spree 

Iroha- ABC again 

Niton- No comment 

Non non- I can only assume that the parents are a fan of the girly magazine Non-No?  I really don't know.

I don't know.  The naming ability of a person shouldn't gauge how good their parenting skills will be, but this is just awful.  I don't know what I'd do if my sister or brother or friends told me that they were naming their child "X" and "X" was from the list above.  I'd probably cut all ties with them, and depending on how good a friend I am, intervene.  Maybe these babies' parents have no friends.  


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