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トイズドライブ "Toysdrive" iOS Game Review.

Mar 05, 2015 by Nicholas Hinger 0

Hi all, Nick here. Today I am bringing you a pretty cool JRPG / IDOL game mashup called トイズドライブ "Toysdrive", developed and published by Bushimo, exclusively for the Japan iTunes Store. Nearly appearing like an anime, I think this style of game will have a lot of appeal for the hardcore otaku out there, as well as the JRPG fans. Let's take a look and see what makes this game one of the top sellers on the Japan Apple App Store

This game starts off pretty neat. You're pulled into an all female cast of characters where you will battle your ways through various obstacles and enemies. When you are presented the dialogue and the story the characters look as if they are straight from an anime. I found the character design to be superb! Additionally, when you are thrown into battle your characters become chibi or super-deformed, but-still to the point where they are recognizable.

Through your team of ladies you will tap to make various cool combos against the enemies you will be fighting. Occasionally they will be other idol ladies who then ask to join your team. A neat aspect of this game is that the weapons are very 'female-audience-oriented' in the sense that they often yield Japanese fans, microphones and other non-sturdy weapons to the battlefield. Of course that's not to say that gender roles matter, it's just an observation from a game reviewer's standpoint who's seen enough of Japanese culture to know what is being done here. Either way, it's good fun, whether you are a male or female playing! Below, I've included a video which shows you a bit of the game in action. I hope you enjoy, and let me know in the comments section if you end up trying this game. I would love to hear your perspective!

As you may have guesed, トイズドライブ "Toysdrive" is available exclusively on the Japanese iTunes Store. If you do not yet have a Japanese Apple ID, here is a quick guide we have laid out for you to make it very simple to get started. Don't forget, JapanCodeSupply always offers you the cheapest, fastest and SAFEST digital delivery of Japan iTunes Gift Cards to you within minutes. Enjoy!

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