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猫耳さばいばー!”Neko Mimi Survivor" iOS Game Review.

Feb 27, 2015 by Nicholas Hinger 0

Today I am bringing you an adorable cat-girl JRPG available exclusively for the Japan App Store named 猫耳さばいばー!”Neko Mimi Survivor" , developed and published by GEEPLUS, INC.. This game has some really cool elements to it, that make it a considerably fun JRPG for the moe cat-girl fans out there who want to take a stab at the traditional JRPG genre.

猫耳さばいばー!”Neko Mimi Survivor" , for those familiar with this style of anime and games is basically girls who have "cat ears" but not much other cat features. Perhaps they have tails but it's not always a staple for being a neko mimi gal! In this JRPG you are given a slew of Nekomimi characters that will work together to fight through compelling battles and a very cutesy story paired with the title. Each character you have in your party yields a different weapon and their own unique abilities for your engaging fight sequences.

The Neko mimi characters are shown very detailed in the story line portion of the game but, then when on the battle field they appear chibi, or 'super-deformed' which is nothing unusual if you have played JRPGs before - Battle mode always usually simplifies the characters, especially when on mobile games. The premise of the game is pretty straight forward: You are involved in the main story line with the Neko mimi girls, whom you will have as party members and you will go through various obstacles and battles to proceed through the story. Another neat aspect of the battles is that you click the meter on the bottom center of the screen to execute attacks. One cool feature is that you can set it to "auto" which allows you to just watch the outcomes of the fight based on the stats of the characters, versus doing it yourself.  This title feels very anime-inspired so I think you may be impressed by the opening intro which I will link below for you viewing enjoyment!

猫耳さばいばー!”Neko Mimi Survivor" , is available exclusively on the Japan iTunes App Store. It is free to download with in-app purchases that will make for some very fun and adorable JRPG gaming. At JapanCodeSupply we always make it ultra easy for you to pick up Japan iTunes Gift Cards in any amount so be sure to check out our instant delivery system today



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