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オシャレコーデ GIRLS HOLIC(ガールズホリック)iOS Game Review.

Feb 19, 2015 by Nicholas Hinger 0

Japanese Language Complexity Scale:
"5  / 10" 
"Lots of dialogue, but the premise of the game is easy enough to get through without knowing too much Japanese" 


Nick here, bringing you the latest news on the Japan gaming front! Today's game is for all of the Japanese fashionistas out there! May I present to you, オシャレコーデ GIRLS HOLIC(ガールズホリック), or "Fashion Coordinator, GIRLS HOLIC, developed by none other than Sega! Since the name is somewhat cumbersome I'm going to just call it GIRLS HOLIC for the rest of the blog entry! This is also available now on the iTunes Japan Store! This game is super fun if you are into accessorizing and creating various wardrobes for an all female ensemble.This game is clearly aimed towards women, so please do not expect any sort of pervy-fandom nakedness with the outfitting (you often see that in games designed with men in mind, that why I thought it needed noting that is is not one of those games). At any rate, please take a look at Girls Holic! 

Initially, at the beginning of the game you are given a female avatar to design and outfit, with some very simple starter pieces. From there, you are asked to pose and style it and push it aside from a bit. After the "character creation" phase of the game you are asked to help other girls out with fashion advice. This is the cool part, because the other girls you help are other people's avatars that have signed up for the game. Generally, the person has a problem and is looking for specific advice, like "What to wear on a date?" or "Which Skirt" is better. You will have the chance to dress up that person in what you think they would like and there will be slight indicators to let you know if you're on the right track! It will say "She'll probably love this!" or you'll see her avatar smile widely as you equip something. After choosing the look you get rated between "Bad" and "Perfect" and gain money and levels which unlock shopping malls and new outfits!

The premise of the game is very simple, and let's not lie, quite shallow. But shallow can be fun. Fashion is fun and a cool way to express oneself. Believe it or not, I actually love these type of games to a degree. The only worry was that I wasn't sure if I was up to snuff on Japanese fashion trends so I feared not getting my maximum ratings when playing, but I was able to pass with high scores most of the game. The graphics for this game are also insanely impressive for a mobile device game. Talk about getting the most detailed compressed textures looking so nicely on a phone! Below I've linked a video guide for how to play GIRLS HOLIC, so please enjoy!

GIRLS HOLIC is free to download and play exclusively on the Apple Japan iTunes Store. However, there are some very extensive in-app purchases you can make, if you find yourself invested in the game. You can expand your wardrobe options by tenfold, if you end up going this route. Don't forget, at JapanCodeSupply, we make it easy for you to instantly and safely pick up, Japanese iTunes Gift Cards in any amount. Now, hit the runway with style, ladies (and gents too)!

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