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ぷよぷよクエスト'PuyoPuyo Quest" iOS Game Review.

Feb 18, 2015 by Nicholas Hinger 0

Hello all! Today I am bringing you an adorable puzzle game, called ぷよぷよクエスト, or, 'PuyoPuyo Quest", developed by Sega for iOS on the iTunes Japan Store. It seems to be a pretty unique puzzle game, with familiar mechanics but also a RPG element to it. Let's check it out!

The game begins with a simple tutorial that allows you to try your hand at 'puzzle-fighting' in this manner! Similar to iOS games like candy crush, you are supposed to swipe to line up similar color Puyos (the little bubble heads) to score outrageous combos, which will translate to damage on the battle field. You can see that the lower half of the game is the puzzle board, while the top, shows the actual RPG, turn-based fight that is taking place. The art is also super adorable. I'm not all that familiar with the Puyo franchise but I do recognize this squirrel! If you guys have any more information on the line of games, let me know in the comment section below because, as an avid gamer, of course I am always interested as well!

You'll have your hand at many characters to fight with whom each hold different abilities and combos to attack the opposing foe. I find this type of puzzle game far more stimulating than something akin to Candy Crush Saga, only because it's more of a Japanese spin on this type of game, that kind of branches off into another separate game with the JRPG portion included. Below I've linked a promotional video for ぷよぷよクエスト, or, 'PuyoPuyo Quest", please enjoy!

ぷよぷよクエスト, or, 'PuyoPuyo Quest" is available free to download exclusively on the Japanese Apple iTunes Store. Because the Japan iTunes Store is region blocked, you'll need to unlock it yourself with a iTunes Japan Gift Card (more info on how to easily do that, here). At JapanCodeSupply we strive hard to bring you the safest and cheapest Japan iTunes Gift Cards virtually instantly via electronic delivery, so be sure to pick some up in any Yen or Dollar equivalent, today!

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