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クマ・トモ (Kumatomo) iOS Review.

Feb 07, 2015 by Nicholas Hinger 0

Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you a kind-of unique game review from the iTunes Japan Store. The app is called クマ・トモ (Kumatomo) or "Beary Friend" I guess you could say as a translation, developed by Bandai Namco Games! This game sort of resembles a Tamagatchi in the sense that this teddy bear is your companion. He speaks out loud like a child, and it is amazingly adorable. Apparently, there is also a Nintendo 3Ds version of the game out in Japan right now, as well as a mobile "egg" (Tamagatchi resembling) companion toy.

"クマ・トモ (Kumatomo) " Japanese Language Complexity Scale:
"4 / 10" 
"Lots of dialogue, but it is spoken from a child-like voice and audible. Perfect for people studying Japanese!" 


I found this game to be very excellent for people learning Japanese. The little bear will ask you a ton of simple questions in Japanese, in which you will reply to your liking, so that he can get to know you better. His voice seems to be something like a child-version of a Vocaloid. Basically, you can dress him up and speak with him a bit every day so that your bond begins to develop. You can have five conversations with him every 30 minutes, so if you are dedicated the bear can really get to know you.

The object of this game is very simple. You have to speak with Kuma as much as you possibly can to form a bond and build levels with him. There's also a camera button available in which you can take adorable snapshots of what happens. Occasionally, you'll have to pet him but you won't have to worry about feeding him in this more modern virtual pet, because he is a teddy bear! There is also a rewards shop where you can dress him up. Some of the items cost yen and are in-app purchases but you will also be rewarded outfits if you are able to keep him thriving for periods of time, based on the monthly holiday. Example, if you are playing the game in December you will be rewarded a Christmas outfit for him! Nauseatingly cute right?! Below I will post a little video on him, please enjoy and comment!

クマ・トモ (Kumatomo) is so great for learners of Japanese because it forces you to listen and respond and because it is aimed for a younger audience it is way more patient with lack of comprehension. I had a couple times where I didn't quite get what he was saying and Kuma helped reword the question for me to better understand it! This will be excellent for your immersion of Japanese! クマ・トモ (Kumatomo) is available exclusively on the iTunes Japan Store. Bandai Namco Games has given the app out for free to download but also offers in-app purchases. Remember, at JapanCodeSupply, we offer you the cheapest, fastest and safest methods to get access to the iTunes Japan Store and pick up iTunes Japan Gift Cards in any amount of yen you need!

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