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ほしの島のにゃんこ "Kitty Star Island" iOS Game Review.

Feb 03, 2015 by Nicholas Hinger 0

Today I am bringing you an adorable Japanese-take on the farm-type games such as Farmville and the like. The game I have been playing is called ほしの島のにゃんこ or, "Kitty Star Island", developed by Colpol. Colpol is known for making adorable cat-themed games so this one does not disappoint! 

ほしの島のにゃんこ "Kitty Star Island" Japanese Language Complexity Scale:

"2 / 10" 

"Simple Japanese, with big child-like text, along with cues to understand the game fully, despite language understanding."

So, the game starts off very typical of a crop harvesting game. Let me explain the dynamics of them and about this one in particular if you haven't ever played one before. Basically, you spend your time harvesting crops with individuals who are your laborers. In this case, they're adorable kitties! Basically when you begin harvesting there are real-time cool-downs on when the various crops and foods will be available to harvest and then sell. As you build your funds you can continue to build your farm bigger, more efficient and even more adorable!

As you can see from above, different customers (which are also other adorable kitties) start coming to your on-farm grocery store to get the items that they need, which will in-turn yield you a lot of in-game cash. As you continue to play their demands become more intense, so it's often hard to keep up with the orders. There is however, much like Farmville, if you are feeling impatient or not wanting to wait for the real-time counter to pass to get your crops or yields you can use rubys which is a premium in-game currency. You begin the game with 4 or 5 of them but any more will cost you yen. It's a great idea to have this in the game for those who are rather impatient or busy and don't have time to hover the game. Rest assured if you don't spend yen, you can still enjoy the farm game! Below, I have included a fan-made video of the game. I hope it gives a better idea on how the game works and also how adorable it is! Enjoy!

In my opinion, ほしの島のにゃんこ or, "Kitty Star Island" makes for a more-cute version of a farm sim game, with a more Japanese influence. It's definitely worth giving a try, and if you are planning on playing it for the long-term be sure to pick up some gift cards because this game is exclusive for the Japan iTunes store. As you know, at JapanCodeSupply we offer the fastest, safest and cheapest Japanese iTunes Gift Cards with codes available to you via your email that same day! Enjoy, meow! :3


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