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ファミスタドリームマッチ "Famista Dream Match" iOS review.

Feb 02, 2015 by Nicholas Hinger 0

Today is for the sports lovers out there! Recently, there has been a trending baseball game on the Japan iTunes Store, called ファミスタドリームマッチ or "Famista Dream Match", developed by Bandai Namco Games. As you may know, Bandai Namco Games have some very popular titles out in both the Japanese and American gaming market. It's no surprise that this baseball game includes cameos from various characters from other of their games! Let's check it out!

ファミスタドリームマッチ "Famista Dream Match" Japanese Language Complexity Scale:
"4/ 10" 
"Some advanced dialogue, but lots of familiar baseball terms to aid in understanding of the game premise."


As you may see in the pictures, there are many unique characters on the baseball team that you can choose and play from on your teams, but it comes off a little misleading. Actually, the play field has extremely simplified characters on the screen, perhaps because it is a mobile game. Normally, this would bother me a lot because I want to see my character in action, but in this case I honestly did not mind the simplified models because you always see your character icons around the user interface. Perhaps if you are familiar with the franchise this won't bother you much either.

The controls of the game are extremely easy! You swing the bat to aim for regular hits and bunts through finger gestures. When you begin the game you are thrown into a tutorial which shows you how to both hit the ball, as well as pitch. Through unique finger gestures you can even fire off one sick curve ball! The game revolves around the standard game of baseball so if you are familiar with the game you should have no problem advancing through the game. A lot of times you will hear the umpire call out things depending on how the calls of the game were, which are more than often English phrases that originated with baseball. Everyone should know by now, Japan loves Baseball! I found the game to be pretty fun for a mobile application. You should give it a try and let me know how you feel about it in the comments section. Below I have included a promotional video for the game so please enjoy!

Famista Dream Match is free to download and available exclusively on the Japanese iTunes Store. It does offer some in-app purchases that should additionally add to the fun of the game for you! Don't forget, you can get access to the Japan iTunes Store to by having a Japanese Credit Card or following instructions through purchase of the Japan iTunes Gift Card, here. As always, you can quickly and securely pick up your Gift Cards for cheap at JapanCodeSupply. We make it easy for you to enjoy these games with digital delivery in seconds. 


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